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Guest Blog Post | Samantha Flook THE CORE HEALTH
Samantha Flook is a Mindful, Wellness Coach and owns local Northern Beaches business, The Core Health. She's been working with Kivari and sharing her nourishing treats and catering in our Kivari launch events at our boutique for a long time now, and we have developed a crush on her effortless style and the way she oozes beauty from the inside out. We asked Sammie to talk us through how to achieve a Kind Mind in the ever critical, socially influenced times of now, keep reading below...
A Kind Mind
How much attention are you paying to your mental health? Or do you fear paying attention to your thoughts?
Getting honest with your current thought processes as well as identifying your mental health status isnt something to fear or be ashamed of, this is your first step for positive change. Self awareness and assurance of our actions is key when making the commitment to bettering ourselves. Firstly, we must implement the action and thought process of  Today I am Kind to my Mind. Get ready to maybe feel a little awkward or uncomfortable, have your giggle now, get it out and remember this is about you and what you need, not anyone else's opinions.
Ask yourself the big Qs!
Are you present in all that you do, or are your thought processes thinking about an event that happened five years ago with that girl from school that stole your scrunchie?
Or in reverse is your mind creating a scenario that..
1. Hasnt even occurred yet
2. You cant physically see in front of you?
Yep were all on the same boat. In a world where we live in a constant flow of Go” its hard to actually be” within our current and present situations. We reach for external gratification through a number of factors such as; social media engagement, followers, appearance, peoples acceptance, money, etc. You name it for yourself, what elements do you reach for that make you feel  accepted. Is this you truly accepting yourself or needing gratification from others?
One thing we want to get clear on within our actions is whether our emotions provide us with long lasting happiness or is it short lived? The process of perspective is simple, do we feel good within our actions or do they continually make us not feel good about ourselves. 
Begin to question your next step and ask yourself.. Is what Im about to do going to nourish me or deplete me?. More than half the time we will go with what we presently do. When we begin to test old depleting habits with new ones, we learn for the next time to encourage ourselves to take a step in a more positive direction. Little shifts within your awareness and mindful reactions is where we begin to find clarity. 
What is it that you cant let go of, havent dealt with or havent received closure from? Current anxieties or worry stem from a past scenario proving to be some what intimidating or negative. When we experience a place of grief as well as in reverse a connection to a scenario that has made us happy, we develop a belief or connection with this and connect this mental thought process and action to our day to day lives.
We begin to fear things that have hurt us in the past, whether its a relationship, job interview or friendship. What ever it may be, we must understand that most of us do not consciously decide what we believe! Many things dictate what we believe in and why; everything we come into contact with shapes our perspective. As we grow, our surroundings mould and shape us. This begins to influence our beliefs and we accept what we are presented with. Its not until we are older and have a broader perspective of the world around us that we can begin to test long-held patterns and start to see things from a different part of ourselves.
Beliefs are just generalisations of our pastHere is your first Mindful Hack.
When a thought arises choose to repeat this in your head to bring you back to your present:
These thoughts are simply just words and pictures in my head, literally that is what they are! Stop creating worry about things you cant see in front of you. Start building a new past worth remembering by choosing to positively and mindfully attach to what is right in front of you, right now.
Whether youre starting or continuing on your self development journey, begin to appreciate the small things. It isnt until we become aware of the positive changes happening in our lives that we begin to appreciate the process and just how far weve progressed. This life is a space where we learn to grow, to question and test our limiting beliefs, routines, and situations, as well as our connections to relationships and our environments. Eventually, we find our true self when we show up and commit to positive change and connect our energy to what we truly desire in life. I want you to picture something you want to achieve, right now. It doesnt have to be huge; after all, it is the small, everyday steps that lead to significant achievements in the long run and beyond.
Steps to brining in and building your awareness.
The following steps are small shifts of perspective to simply building your positive awareness: 
Notice the language you are using: Are these words relevant to my present situation, or merely interpretations of my past? Choose to change your vocabulary from negative to nourishing.
 Notice your feelings: Are they positive or negative? Pleasant or unpleasant: Simple but effective, is what you are doing in your present moment making you feel good or bad? Take the step to better your situations.
 Notice your reaction: I have sent myself into a mental spiral without evaluating this feeling” “I have acknowledged my feelings, assessed myself and responded mindfully”. Choose to breathe, make yourself present and react mindfully for the best outcome for you!

To follow Sammie's wellness journey head to her instagram or The Core Health website and be inspired by her positive outlook on life and techniques that might help you through any social anxiety. Also be sure to check out her new eBook "Modern Mindful" to start your Self Development Journey.Shop our newest Istana Part II collection online and in our Freshwater and Byron Bay Boutiques.

Fashion: Kivari the Label ~ Istana Part II Collection
Photography: Nat Koval
Model: Sammie Flook
Art Direction: Billie Gurr
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