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When we asked one of our fav #kivarigirls Nicola (A.K.A. @dicolaaa) to write about her European Summer adventures, she did not disappoint. We are in love with her, her style and her attitude towards life and love! Read more from her European Travel Journal and see more below

Kivari European Adventures Travel Blog kivarigirls

Ahh, here I am writing from a pebble stone beach somewhere along the French Riviera. I can hear a lot of chatter but not much of it I understand…I don’t mind though because the ocean is what I’m really listening too. To the left of me is my partner Pat and his beloved kindle, beloved for two reasons, one being all his books are sacred inside and secondly the bite marks around remind him of our wonderful dog, Atticus.
Kivari European Adventures Blog kivarigirls
We are on the tail end of our 2017 European adventure. It started in Greece, where we began our carb loading, to wonderful Italy where our jaws hardly ever left the ground. Then we made our way to glamping in Switzerland (taking the role of real life Heidi very seriously). We danced our way to the Netherlands for a whole load of new experiences before we made it to Germany to be educated on their rich history and culture. And now we are in Nice, France. It is the first day of summer and tonight there is a street party. We hear it fills the streets in celebration of music and sun...I’ll drink to that.  
Kivari European Adventures Travel Blog kivarigirls

Travel truly is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer. We may not have the best of everything but right now, on this beach in Nice, what we have is bright smiles, contagious giggles, hands intwined in each others, souls full of adventure and hearts that have fallen in love with new places… our tans aren’t too shabby either. If it wasn’t for our four legged friend, I am not sure we would ever return. Now if you’ll excuse me, we have summer to celebrate. 
Kivari European Adventures Travel Blog kivarigirls
Kivari European Adventures Travel Blog kivarigirls
Kivari European Adventuras Travel blog kivarigirls
Kivari European Adventuras Travel Blog
All photo credit: @dicolaaa
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