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kivari-bohemian-island-clothing-Sa.MAY-musicIntroducing SA.MAY, a local Northern Beaches babe and a Kivari girl through and through. SA.MAY The girl that’s sweeping the music industry with her newly released song  – Heart of Stone – and along side it an amazing video. We caught up with SA.MAY on her recent trip to Thailand.

I am currently in the office and due for a Skype with SA.MAY. As the Sykpe call comes through, I am filled with awe, as the backdrop is beautiful crystal clear water. SA.MAY in front of the screen looking incredible in her head to toe Kivari romper and kimono. The local Northern Beaches girl is out of the Country and working from Thailand but she still makes the time on her holiday for her meetings.

How did come to making music?

“I played guitar since I was young and always had a passion for music, however it wasn’t until the last few years that I decided that I wanted to get into electronic music scene more so because there wasn’t many females that were producing.”

So what influenced you to get into electronic music?

“I love electronic music and was influenced by other artists that inspired me such as Flume and Alison Wonderland.”

So did you study?

“Yes once I made the decision this is the career path I wanted to take, I studied at Ableton live school in Sydney. I had the likes of George from Seekae as a teacher for part of it and spent a lot of time at Studios 301. It was an amazing experience and its great to know I have graduated from the same music school as artists like What So Not & LDRU.”

What do you think the Australian music industry needs?

“The Australian industry needs more females producers. There isn’t enough and they need to stop the lockout laws its damaging the music scene and limiting live performances.”

Apart from music, what are your other values and goals in life?

“Hopefully to inspire others that anything is possible and to inspire other females to enter the production game”.

What is the greatest risk you’ve taken?

“I feel like the greatest risk was to do music production as my career but so far it’s been worth the risk.”

What has been one of the most rewarding projects?

“Doing the music video for Heart of Stone and seeing my vision that I had in my head come to life.”

Tell us a little about your new music video Heart of Stone and how it came about?

“Heart of Stone comes from personal experiences of when a relationship can go wrong and ignoring those early warning signs. I hope to encourage females and males to have the courage to walk away from something that isn’t healthy, never look back and to learn and grow from the experience.”

Tell us a bit about your work schedule or more so your daily routines?

“I feel everyday can be quite different but as soon as I wake up I like to go for a swim and do some exercise like running then have a green juice and answer emails, and then work on a song either do some vocals or production work. There is no such thing as 9 to 5 for me, I work on music everyday and whenever inspiration hits me, I’m sometimes up at 3am working on some music, but its worth every second.”

How involved are you with other artists?

“My Soundcloud plays a big role with other artists and producers. I do have a future collaboration coming out so stay tuned for that.”

What is on the horizon for SA.MAY?

“I have an EP titled Still Waters due out later this year and a few other exciting projects on the horizon.”

We are so excited to have you as one of our Inspiring Kivari Girls, so what is it about Kivari you fell in love with?

“I love the Kivari brand and the whole bohemian style. I am huge fan of the clothing and I’m so excited and humbled to be part of the girls that represent this.”

Your Instagram following is growing everyday, with beautiful personal posts, how important is social media to you?

“All of my social media play a big role for me, Instagram has given me a huge leg up in interacting with my audience and I have been lucky to be able to work with some incredible brands to date. I love photography and videography its like a hobby for me, so I love to use that to show part of what I get up to.”

What advise could you give for other inspiring music producers and artists?

“Stay true to yourself and the kind of music that you want to make and take risks with it.”

Heart of Stone is produced by SA.MAY, including all the sounds and vocals for the song.

Filmed and edited by Jess McDonald telling an intimate story of love, lust and when things can go wrong.

The powerfully artistic video shows a story of a face to face battle that is confronting as she comes out of it stronger, independent and never looks back.

Her passionate sensual Synths, large drops and contagious vocals will have you longing for more and there is more on the way with this the first track of her EP Still Waters due out later this year.kivari-bohemian-island-clothing-Sa.MAY-music-2kivari-bohemian-island-clothing-Sa.MAY-music-kimona