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The city of Jaipur in the heart of Rajasthan, otherwise known as the "pink city" certainly lived up to its name as it set the perfect backdrop to Kivari's latest 'Of Worlds Away' collection. We spent 8 incredible days here exploring the majestic forts and palaces, and soaking up the beautiful sounds, smells and culture of this incredibly humbling city. 

The trip, and the whole experience, was certainly not boring!

Kivari Blog 'Of Worlds Away' India

The first set of problems arose as we found out that the airline had lost our bags. As a size 12, living off a bag of samples for a size 8 model certainly presented it's own set of challenges. Lucky for me one of our wrap dresses did the job!

We must have run up and down the Amer fort countless times, somehow managing to dodge the crowd (which included goats and elephants) delivering samples, swapping cameras and (hallelujah!) tracking down the bag of samples that arrived 4 days late. 


Kivari Blog 'Of Worlds Away' India

As soon as we were permitted access to the Amer fort we became instant celebrities as our Kivari 'hubby' Myles snapped away at Maddie working her magic for the camera. We even had to recruit our own 'security guard' Mr Asha for crowd control, who (unwittingly) became our second model during the shoot. 


Kivari Blog 'Of Worlds Away' India

Not only did he successfully hold the crowds back, he also helped with transport, carried our bags, and personally escorted us to the most amazing rooms and courtyards. His hospitality and generosity will forever be remembered and appreciated.

Kivari Blog 'Of Worlds Away' India

As the sun set on our last day shooting, a spontaneous road-trip to the Taj Mahal was born. 6 hours, a crazy car drive and a few minutes past midnight later we pulled into our hotel that our driver recommended.. It certainly wasn’t what we expected.

A complete polar opposite of the beautiful palace we slept in the night prior, we were too scared to touch the walls or sheets. Sarongs served as temporary bed sheets and we all snuggled together for warmth. Luckily, we were all so exhausted that we passed out as soon as our heads touched (what appeared to be) the pillow! 

The next morning, due to the cold weather and heavy fog, it took us 3 attempts to view the majestic Taj Mahal. It was, however, very worth the wait.

Finally she appeared from amongst the fog in all her glory! Such an incredible piece of architecture and well worth our crazy trip and “unique" accommodation the Night prior.

Kivari Blog 'Of Worlds Away' India

And just like that our Indian adventure was over.

Crazy days of tuk tuk rides, getting lost in the city walls, missing samples, living like queens in the palace and not so regal near the Taj Mahal, making friends with the locals and eating way too much (amazing) cheesy nan.

Our hearts are full of love and gratitude and our eyes opened to the humbleness of this incredible country and their beautiful people. We have so much love for this country and can’t wait to return one day soon.

Kivari Blog 'Of Worlds Away' India

Until Next Time, 

Kiki xx

@mylespritchard | @ash-vuko | @kiki_keevers | @madelinejpyrelph