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When we sat down to design the Shiva collection, my mood board was full of images of Rajatstan India - an area famous for its vibrant colours, colourful culture, and beautiful people. India has always been on my bucket list so when 6 months ago our team travelled to Jaipur, India, I was not only lucky enough to live out a life-long dream, but also to share it with each and every one of you.
Kivari Shiva Behind the Scenes Blog Jaipur India
As soon we stepped out of Jaipur airport we were immediately immersed in the smells, sights, colours of the diverse buildings and the beeping of horns as we dodged donkeys, pigs and camels that roamed freely in the streets. All of our senses were ignited as we glimpsed both extreme poverty and wealth all rolled into one bustling city. 
Kivari Shiva Behind the Scenes Blog India
Kivari Shiva Behind the Scenes Jaipur
Not long after landing and whilst exploring this incredible city we met Biskut, who was soon renamed Cookie. It had a good ring to it, Cookie soon became our new go-to man. Not only did his Tuk Tuk have better music than your regular Saturday night disco tech but he was also able to get you from A to B with a huge smile on his face as he dazzled us with unique Karaoke voice.
Kivari Shiva Behind the Scenes Tuk Tuk India
After 2 long days of exploring and scouting locations with our new mate Cookie, we finally stumbled across the most majestic palace set high up in the farmland surrounding Jaipur.  The palace soon became our new our home for the next few days as we shot my personal favourite collection to date, SHIVA. After long days shooting we were looked after like Kings and Queens as we sipped chai tea on the roof top pool and swanned around our marble room in our slippers and white robes. 
Shiva Kivari Chai Samode Place India
Kivari Shiva Behind the Scenes Blog India
Our stay wouldn't have been the same without our main man Gobbie who soon became our personal tour guide at the palace, and Mohan for his incredible hospitality even inviting us into his family home for a chai. 
Kivari Shiva Behind the Scenes India
We were so grateful to be able to experience such an incredible culture and the warmest, most hospitable people who touched our hearts and made this experience second to none.
Kivari Shiva Behind the Scenes Blog Mahala

The word 'SHIVA' means Goddess in Hindu, and this bohemian luxe collection was designed so that every woman can feel inspired to start their own journey and feel as special as we did in the hills of India. 
Kivari Shiva Behind the Scenes Blog Jaipur India
I hope everyone loves the collection as much as we do, it was our first visit to India but it sure wont be our last. 

Kiki xx 


Meet the Team:
Creative Director @kiki_keysers
Production Assistant @ash_vuko
Kivari 'Hubby' and photographer extraordinaire @mylespritchard