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Meet this week’s Kivari girl crush and bona fide boss lady Irene Sacristan @Nerii_xx. If you haven’t already stumbled across this brunette beauty whilst scrolling the limitless pages of Instagram. You may have seen her vintage inspired brand, Ottway. Along with her partner Manu, this genetically blessed duo based out of Melbourne design a range of retro style unisex shirts, with the ethos based around slow fashion. We sat down with the model come designer to chat all things travel, fashion and the Spanish language.

Nerii thanks for taking the time to sit down with us, we love having you as part of our Kivari girls. You’re the ultimate cool girl how would you describe your personal style?
My personal style is very boho with a Mediterranean flavour and a vintage touch.  I love wearing maxi dresses, big hats and cool leather boots. That’s definitely my standard outfit and I could wear it every day! When I first arrived in Australia, I felt like I was arriving in the fashion paradise, there are so many bohemian labels and little vintage boutiques. It certainly makes it very difficult for someone like me to try and save some money!
Who would you say is your style icon?
Honestly, I don’t follow trends or anyone in particular, I always try and buy and something that makes me feel comfortable. I used to like Rocky Barnes’ style a lot when her wardrobe was more boho than now.
What Kivari piece are you loving right now?
I’m in love with my Arabella slip dress, it’s so easy to wear and the red colour make my day!
What prompted, you to start your own brand and how do you stay inspired?
One of the reasons for us to start with this project in Australia was that the number of entrepreneurs and inspiring people that surround us on a daily basis. They made us realise that it was possible to bring our dreams to life. And that’s exactly what we did, Manu and I started Ottway The Label five months ago, designing unisex shirts made in limited numbers. It takes a lot of work and sacrifice but it’s definitely worth it. I honestly can’t believe it’s now real!
You have just returned from the European summer, where you shot a Kivari segment in your home town of Toledo what is your favourite thing about being home?
OMG, I read “Summer” and it just made me want to go back! My favourite thing about being at home is to share time with my family and friends, I miss them so much! They always recharge my batteries and take me out to new places to have sangria and tapas and have the best of times!
Being a local what are you top three travel tips for people wanting to travel to Spain?
Well, be ready to eat and drink for most part of your days!
I advise against visiting Spain during high season since most of the locals are away and you won’t see the real culture, only tourists and very high temperatures. The best months to go are May, June, September and October.
Once you are there, try to go to the most local places to have the best tapas at the best prices!
If you can, do a road trip around the country. You’ll be surprised at the difference in landscape, weather and food. A good combination could be: Barcelona, San Sebastian, Madrid, Toledo, Valencia, Granada, Cordoba and Malaga.
What’s your favourite Spanish phrase? What does it mean?
“Hay que ser felices, no perfectos” – We have to be happy, not perfect.
Essentials you can’t travel without?
It might sound a bit too obvious but my iPhone, headphones, a book and my camera.
You’re not shy of an insta selfie, what’s your secret to getting the perfect shot?
Always wait for the best lighting!
Finally, what’s next on for Nerii? And what are you excited about?
I’m excited to be back in Australia and to keep working on my project. I love traveling so I always try to find some time for it. Australia is huge and I really want to see it all!!

To follow Neri's journey as she travels the world, head to her instagram and be inspired by her effortless bohemian style. Also be sure to check out her brand Ottway for vintage unisex shirts  to take on your next coastal road trip.
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