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It was another early wakeup.. It's not hard to wake up when the beautiful light from the hills of Ubud peers through from the balcony of the treehouse.. Today it's time to hit the road and find some magical rice fields and waterfalls to shoot in. Our amazing Indonesian driver Made arrives to pick the team up and we jump in the car with bamboo clothing racks, props and hands full of camera gear and bottles of water.
We are set for a day of shooting our new Kivari Collection. We stop at a local fruit & flower stall and buy some colourful flowers and a traditional straw hat.. A bunch of colourful orange Marigold.. And so The Road to Marigold begins!
Not knowing exactly how or where we will be shooting but spontaneity always plays a large part of the process and so the story unfolds..
After lunch over looking the rice fields we come to a plan of attack and with hands full of gear we hit the rice fields and begin our venture. 
As we are shooting we hear music in the distance coming from the top of the fields and we look up to see a friendly Indonesian man in a straw hat playing his flute.. We are drawn to the beautiful sounds. As we follow the music up the stairs we meet Wyane and get to visit simple yet beautiful surroundings!
A small bamboo hut with dozens of coconuts at the front welcomes us. He becomes part of our shoot and we buy a couple of coconuts from him. We carry on and further see Wyan's proper house he is a well known rice farmer in Ubud and this is his base.. We continue shooting into sunset and after a busy day we can officially call it a wrap!! We want The Road To Marigold to tell a story.. and hopefully through these images you can capture the very essence of this collections story!