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In celebration of Mothers Day, Fran Highfield (@throughrosecolouredglasses)
gives us a sneak peak into her most special role yet -  motherhood.

What did family mean to you growing up?
It meant always having someone there for you no matter what. We were always out doing so many fun family activities together or spending time with my grandparents growing up so I have lots of good memories from that time of my life.

What is the most rewarding thing about being a Mumma?
For me it’s seeing the world through his eyes. It’s so special seeing him so  excited over experiencing something so simple or small for the first time. Children remind you what’s important in life. I also love that I have the opportunity and privilege to raise a good person of the world. There’s truly no greater gift than Motherhood. 

What values are most important for you to pass onto Bowie?
To always live his truth. To go out and learn and experience as much as he can. I also hope that he understands how powerful his words can be and to use them wisely. I hope he can see the good in others, to be kind and to have compassion and respect for them despite their differences. 

What’s one of the most memorable lessons you’ve learnt from your mum?
I can’t stop at one. There’s so many. She passed away when I was twenty two but she was the most kindest, most selfless and most caring woman I have ever known. She taught me the importance of family and most of all to be grateful, strong and resilient despite what life throws at you. Every day I aspire to be more like her. 

Best advice for balancing motherhood and worklife?
In all honesty... it’s tricky! I work a corporate job four days a week, run my social media in my (very limited) spare time alongside Mumming which is a full time job in itself! I try to give back to myself in small moments and fill my own cup with something easy like a quick meditation before Bowie wakes up or getting my partner Luke to watch him so I can have an extra hour sleep or get to the gym. I try to catch up with the girls every so often so I feel like I’m getting a break from both work and motherhood. 

Fran wears the Lola Luxe Maxi Dress ~ coming soon.

You have been part of the Kivari family for such a long time, what pieces are your favourite from the new collection?
I feel so grateful to be there since the start and have loved watching Kivari grow over the years. Absolutely obsessed with the Fleur Midi Dress, the Juanita Dress & the Abigail Knit.